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By Leo Spencer

Letters from the Community

They’re not ‘party’ people


To the Editor:

I read with some interest your article about the local Republicans facing national issues. I guess I should voice my opinion on the matter.

From the first “Tea Party” rally in the area, I began to realize that there is no traditional “party” in Tea Party people. The citizens that espouse Tea Party values are the people that follow the rules and make America function. They cover all walks of life and come from most sides of the political spectrum.

I would like to submit my interpretation of the left versus right philosophy. In my view, the center of political thought should be the literal interpretation and application of the constitution. This would put everything that varies from that central point either to the left or the right. I realize that after 50 or more years of “nudging” from the media and power hungry entities, the center has been moved far to the left of that central point. That is why, when someone espouses the types of views that are the cornerstone of the ideas that made this nation what it is, those views are labeled as “far right.” As soon as that label is applied, we have been conditioned to put that person in the “wacko Bird” category. Sarah Palin was very effectively put into that box, and you can see that technique is now being applied to many constitutional conservatives. No one will ever convince me that by me saying “My rights shall not be infringed” is in any way a radical statement.


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