By Scott Robinson

We're not a suburb of Portland


To the Editor:

I write this because it is time to address this issue at a higher level . I am referring to the lack of Washington based news programing we receive in Klickitat County.

It’s not only here. This goes all the way to Longview to include Vancouver, the fourth largest city in our state. I still recall watching the evening news with my parents as a young man. It was one of the reasons that today I have an opinion and concern for my community. I want to see the political returns for our governor’s race, the political ads for the initiatives that are on the ballot. I am upset that the young folks in school do not even know the governor’s name.

Emergency broadcasting for Washington? Not here. Everyone says you can go online, but how many 12-year-olds are checking out KING 5 on the computer web site? Whether you like the news you hear or not, we need to be aware of what’s going on in the western part of our state.

I also understand that the local cable company has Washington programing. That is very nice if you live where there is cable; most folks do not.

I will be getting more info and establish an e-mail for people to respond to if this generates enough interest. This is a congressional issue and would have to be taken up with Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler—with all roads leading to the FCC.


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