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By Lou Marzeles

The continuing misadventures of the KCRP Pirates team


Before we launch into this week’s scathing satirical commentary, let’s head off any potential misunderstanding right away:

The following commentary is not aimed at rank-and-file members of the Tea Party or Liberty Caucus. They’re good people. It’s aimed, rather, at the so-called leadership of the Klickitat County Republican Party (KCRP), or pirates, as we call them.

Let’s review this one more time, because despite having made this disclaimer before, many people still thought that previous criticism of that leadership was intended as criticism of the TP/LC membership in general. It’s not.

We’re not talking about Tea Partiers at the basic membership level. Got it? They’re sound, responsible people, and many of the aims of the Tea Party are reasonable and laudable. There is no quarrel at this level. This is only about the leadership in this county.

Are we clear? Then let’s move on.

It can’t be fun being a fan of a political movement with good goals and true patriotic fervor to have its local leader called pirates. That’s certainly understandable. So instead we’ll call them rapscallions. That’s not a kind of onion.

A rapscallion is a rascal, a scamp, a ne’er-do-well. The KCRP leadership is awash with them. We’re talking about the heavy-handed way they do political business, exercising tactics that bely the virtues they say they espouse.

The virus has spread to Clark County (or maybe it was the other way around), which made noise recently about wanting to censure U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler because in their view she’s not in the far-right lane of American politics. Worse, they think she’s signaled for a left turn.

The KCRP rapscallions have been tossing emails among themselves; they seem to love to hear themselves talk. Their spokesman, Tom Reynolds (hardly the most erudite mouthpiece on the planet) has said in emails clearly not intended to be viewed by The Sentinel (but we always see them anyway) that there is “serious concern” throughout the county about Herrera Beutler and her voting record. One must conclude he’s talking about a parallel Klickitat County in an adjacent universe, where he and his fellow rapscallions evidently spend most of their time. In this Klickitat County, Herrera Beutler remains highly regarded by an overwhelming majority of Republicans. But facts are the coin of the realm for rapscallions.

So we’ve been approached, with a tad of rancor, by some who want to see us do a story in which we talk with the KCRP leadership and get their side. If they deign to converse with us (presently they’ve made it clear they’d rather eat glass), we’ll do so. Otherwise all we have to go on is what they do.


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