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All the signs are present, crisp air, some mist, some wind, and the return of snow in the Simcoes. Yes, it is time for spring sports in Goldendale.

I love it when spring sports arrive and we get to go back outdoors. I guess I love it when winter sports arrive and we get to go back indoors, but forget that for now. Spring sports are here!

A couple of weeks ago I was deluding myself into thinking it is going to be great this year, warm and sunny for baseball, softball, track and tennis. I didn’t forget golf, I just don’t care what the weather is for golf. I stay warm hiding behind trees.

Now I am resigned to the fact that it will be cold and windy. Normally, spring is great for photography. The light is better and I can get up close and personal to everything but baseball. But, sometimes it is so cold, even my camera wants to go home.

Softball is brutal. Here’s an idea, GHS: your emphasis on sportsmanship has been terrific, earning the school sportsmanship awards the past two years. How about putting a mesh screen in front of the visitors’ dugout on the softball field? I always feel bad for the visitors who sit there facing blowing dirt and snow with 30 degree wind chills. I think it makes them angry and hard to beat. Maybe you can also give them a little hot chocolate to soften them up.

The other venues aren’t much fun, either. Baseball is sheltered, but one row of arborvitae doesn’t help much. Tennis players have to learn to judge the windage to be able to play their game.

Track is a mixed bag. Cold and sleet are bad enough, but any race of 400 meters or more has to battle an ever-present wind on the back stretch. On the positive side, Lyle-Wishram coach Rick Knowles told me that some of his team’s best javelin throws have been at Goldendale. There is something about the crosswind. If you keep it on the course, you can get a good push, maybe it is something like sailing. He notices the same thing at Condon where the field has a similar layout to the wind.

I encourage people to come out for the spring sports and support your teams. I always figure that if the kids can be out there in flimsy uniforms, I don’t have much room to complain wearing my long-johns, two shirts, a coat and a stocking hat. My camera might not work, but my red nose shows I care.


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