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By Jean Allyn Smeltzer
Klickitat County Historical Society 

Looking Back

March 4, 2015


50 Years Ago - March 4, 1965

• Sandra Hill, GHS valedictorian, is the third straight A student to graduate from the school since 1930, according to records in the school superintendent’s office. The first with perfect grades was Ruth Keefhaver in 1935, and second was Barbara Jean Zumwalt in 1949.

75 Years Ago - February 29, 1940

• Not large enough to start a gold rush, but a real gold nugget was found in the gizzard of a chicken by Violet Ward. The chicken was raised by Mrs. Ward at her home in North Goldendale. The nugget was examined by Orville Mann, local jeweler, who said that several gold nuggets have been found throughout the Klickitat valley in recent years. He believes the nuggets were probably carried into this area by glacial action during the ice age.

100 Years Ago - March 4, 1915

•The management of The Star Theater had recently had that playhouse thoroughly fumigated. In public places the “bugs” always have an opportunity to “circulate” and an occasional fumigation is good for all concerned.

125 Years Ago - March 6, 1890

• Foot passengers were crossing the river again in the ice last Saturday at The Dalles. This is the first time in the history of the country, so far as we have been able to learn from the meager sources of information at hand, that the Columbia froze up twice the same winter.

• Sandy Finlayson, formerly of this county but now of Grant County, we are informed lost 18,000 head of sheep this winter. 1,000 head of which belongs to Wm. Garner of this county.

• T. T. Foster was down from Dot on last Saturday, and he reports that the farmers east of Rock Creek are all out of feed, with the exception in a few cases of a little grain, which they are feeding. In his immediate vicinity but little stock had died. Frank Rodenbeck says that the sheep have all died, that there was not enough left to pay to bother with.


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