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By Akasha Spino-Bybee
For The Sentinel 

Sasquatch sign raises questions


Contributed by a real person who really took this picture. No, really.

HE'S REAL!: When a sign like this goes up, you know it's true.

There are a lot of strange things in this world that tend to make people question whether or not the paranormal is as abnormal as it seems. From UFO sightings to capturing orb-like entities on camera, many people wonder if we are alone in this world. In our state alone, there have been many claims of a particular paranormal phenomena happening in our own backyard-the existence of Sasquatch.

While driving along Highway 97 toward Yakima last week, a Washington resident noticed something odd.

"I was on my way to a relatives, my sister was in the passenger's seat taking pictures of the Gorge, and she caught what appeared to be a new 'Bigfoot Crossing' sign on 97," says Erin Dupris. "We kept looking at the picture, questioning why there would be a sign, when we noticed something even stranger."

What the Dupris sisters didn't see in the picture until a few days after it was taken was a Sasquatch-looking creature, coming up the guard rail.

"We were stunned. We still to this day are unsure of what is in the far-right corner of the picture," says Dupris. "I'm not one to believe in this sort of thing, so I am definitely having trouble grasping it. I showed it to my family, who are also skeptics. They thought the picture was Photoshopped."

The picture was taken on a Samsung Smart Camera and handed to local authorities and experts on the matter. Even after all of the speculation of this occurrence, no one has identified whether or not this photo is legitimate-despite the sisters' claims.

"By sharing this picture with the press, we aren't trying to stir up accusations; we just wanted to see if anyone else had seen the sign or perhaps a Sasquatch in the area as well," says Dupris.


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