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State cracks down on eagle hunts


In what appears to be an escalation of action by aliens who have been operating out of a New Mexico mountain, there have been a number of sightings of ships hunting wildlife in the skies over Klickitat County. The culprits, believed to be greys, were caught on film last week by a man we will call Jake, although his real name is Fred Houghington and he lives in a cardboard box just up Box Canyon Road. Jake is afraid of being hunted down if his name gets out there.

Jake gave this account of events last week. “Thar I were about 6 p.m. fixin’ to watch Jeopardy when a bunch of birds began to go crazy. I looked up and saw this big craft, about the the shape of a Sucrets tin. Before I knowed it, this little fellar popped up from the top and just when this big old eagle flew by, he shoved a pole with a noose and snatched the little fellar right outta the sky.”

State officials at the state Fish and Wildlife Service said they were skeptical at first, but agreed to look into the incident after Jake explained, “I wouldn’t have believed it either, hadn’t I seen it with my own eyes.”

Hunting eagles is illegal, even if it is for purposes of alien research on earth.


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