The Goldendale Sentinel - Headlines & History since 1879

By Jean Allyn Smeltzer
Klickitat County Historical Society 

Looking Back

April 8, 2015


50 Years Ago - April 8, 1965

• Gillenwaters became the latest Goldendale business to participate in spring cleanup activities, with the painting of the storage building on the corner of Court and Grant streets. This building was once the home of The Sentinel, in the early day’s of the pioneer newspaper.

75 Years Ago - April 4, 1940

• At least a ton of old Klickitat County records many of them dating back to early territorial days, where cleaned out of a crowded storage vault in the courthouse late last week and destroyed. These records valuable only for their historical interest were ordered removed and destroyed to make room for later files and documents.

Lack of vault space in the courthouse made it absolutely impossible to continue saving old letter files, cancelled warrants, copies of legal instruments and other papers accumulated through the years, John A. Miller, county auditor, said. The house cleaning was ordered by the board of County Commissioners. Box after box of old letters, and other records from the auditor’s, clerks, treasurer’s, and school superintendent’s offices were destroyed.

100 Years Ago - April 8, 1915

• One of the hens belonging to R. G. Ferguson, of this city, did herself proud on Easter. Ferguson displayed the Easter product to the editor, and careful measurements were made. The egg is nine inches in circumference one way, and seven and three-fourths inches the other way. It weighed exactly six ounces and looked more than good enough to eat. The product has been on display in the window of the Bates store this week.

125 Years Ago - April 10, 1890

Goldendale cannot thrive as she ought to so long as she has that superfluous “dale” on the end of her name. It is too much suggestive of a “Quiet little nook, by a babbling brook” for the flourishing little city that is rapidly growing up around us.


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