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Ogden's team prepares for a busy day of teaching


The following is part two of Dr. Jim Odgen’s report on his mission to Cambodia.

Nic and Cody have been absolutely wonderful to have on the team. They have worked so hard at boring jobs in hot and humid weather—especially Nic. Since Emmy left, Cody has been doing blood pressure, pupillary distance measurement, pupil reflex testing, and ocular motility, which is not quite as boring and repetitive as what Nic has been doing—pointing to numbers on the acuity chart while we are doing eye exams. They have both stuck with their jobs and done well. You have to admire two high school juniors who choose to spend their spring break vacation doing something like this.

I spent some time refreshing Kosal’s memory about eye exam routines. I have not been here for two years, and he has not done exams regularly, so he need some practice. Today and yesterday, he did at least a third of the patients and did very well. I plan to work with him on the slit lamp that I brought to give to him in the next few days.

Tomorrow, the plan is to visit the hospital where Dr. Kee Park is on staff. He is the one that we brought the surgical loupes and surgical instrument oil to. Kosal’s aunt was having some neurological problems and Dr. Park did surgery, so we will get to see how she is doing. After this, we plan to visit the Royal Palace and the National Museum. I have been to these places, but Larci and the boys have not. They are to fly home on Saturday.

Saturday morning at 8 a.m., I am scheduled to speak at the study group of family practice residents that Kosal attends. Betty helped me put together a collection of items for each student using bags donated by the Goldendale Chamber of Commerce to keep them together. Each student will get a visual acuity chart, a bright LED flashlight for external eye exam, five reading glasses of varying strengths, a laminated eyeball cross section diagram. and some pictures of various red eye presentations. I hope to show these primary care MDs how to recognize and treat some common eye problems and give them some tools to assist them. I also have some door prizes supplied by Klickitat Valley Health and Klickitat PUD that we will give out. If the lecture is boring, at least the door prize drawings will be fun.

Kosal and I plan to go to Battambong on Sunday to visit Dr. Sarou’s new eye clinic. He has offered to provide cataract surgery at no cost at his new facility, so some of our cataract patients may end up going there.

Tonight, all of us who have worked together plus Pastor Jesse and Pastor Maya from New Life Fellowship Church had dinner together at Jars of Clay. This is a restaurant and coffee shop that is a ministry and job training project for people who have had hard times. The food is very good and the business is helping people get some job skills. I gave Kosal the copy of Dr. Tupper’s diploma from the College of Medical Evangelists in 1953 as well as a nice photo of her. I also gave him the scrapbook that Cheryl Patton made from the pages that people signed at the fund raiser for this trip on 07 March. He was thrilled and we got some good pictures. I hope that Kosal can practice medicine for 56 years as Dr. Tupper did.

Next week, Dr. Ogden gets a welome home surprise.

It is bedtime and 30 minutes before the swimming pool closes. It was very hot today and I think I will take another dip before bed.


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