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By Jean Allyn Smeltzer
Klickitat County Historical Society 

Looking Back

May 20, 2015


50 Years Ago - May 20, 1965

The temporary water shortage took up most time as the Goldendale city council meeting. Several representatives of the Goldendale Country Club came, as much as anything to assure the city that their use of water to irrigate the golf course was at all times subject to the need of city residents. Although the club’s water right application to Bloodgood creek waters is secondary to the city’s, the club does have a right to water, it was pointed out. Harold Fariello, as group spokesman, said the club is under self imposed orders to irrigate only when there is a surplus of city water.

75 Years Ago - May 16, 1940

L. V. McWhorter, Yakima historian and well known as an authority on early day Washington history, was in Goldendale last week on a business trip. He recently published a book entitled the “Tragedy of the Wahk-Shun,” which deals with the events leading up to the murder of A. J. Bolen, Indian agent near the head waters of Bowman creek. He took an active part in securing the erection of a Washington Historical Society marker for the spot where Bolen was killed. The original site of the Blockhouse is on the Frank Saxton ranch a short distance north of the Blockhouse mineral springs.

100 Years Ago - May 21, 1915

Dr. F. H. Collins, of Goldendale, was called to Klickitat station Tuesday evening to attend Charles Holmes, who had his right leg broken and very badly crushed below the knee, caused by a log rolling on him while assisting loading it on a truck. Mr. Holmes is one of the members of the Holmes Brothers Lumber Company, located at Klickitat, on the Goldendale branch of the S. P. & S. Ry. Dr. Collins made the trip in one hour and thirty minutes, going to Wahkiacus in his auto, then three miles by hand car to Klickitat station.

125 Years Ago - May 22, 1890

Henry Woodruff traded for a fine span of horses last Thursday, but they proved too vicious and unreliable. He hitched them up to a hack to try them and drove down to Hess’ mill, but when coming back they made a break for liberty. Frank Patton and another party who were in the hack jumped out but Mr. Woodruff was thrown violently to the ground, and the team on turning the corner at D. W. Pierce’s place, by their momentum were carried into a tree on the sidewalk, the hack ending right over onto them. The tree and hack were badly demolished and Mr. Woodruff was considerably bruised, but the team was uninjured.


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