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By Dick Schuller
Homespun Yarns 

Officer, I think I may have misplaced my husband


I climbed down the steep incline after relieving myself and then gasped at what I saw.

Expecting to see my car parked on Highway 97, between Goldendale and Toppenish my eyes stared at a vacant spot. My wife and I both had doctor’s appointments in Yakima.

Half way to our destination, I felt drowsy and asked my normally astute wife if she would drive. “Sure, you just curl up in the back seat and rest.”

She took over the driver’s seat, and I slammed her rider’s side door. Now I should insert here that my wife, at age 86, has a slight hearing problem. I told her I needed to relieve myself in the bushes, but when she heard me slam the car door—she assumed I was lying down in the ba...

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