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It's off to a different home for returning Goldendalians



BACK TO A DIFFERENT HOME: Former Goldendale residents, Jim Monroe and Sue Evans were administrators in Kenya.

Jim Monroe and Sue Evans, owners of property in Goldendale to which they had hoped to return, have left their positions as administrators of the Maua Methodist Hospital in Kenya as violence increases. Here they reminisce and explain why they won't come home to Goldendale.

Driving down from Maua to Nairobi, a six-hour trip through Nanyuki and over the equator, our minds are filled with the realities of making this transition.

Watching old women walking doubled over, carrying heavy loads of firewood. There is a memory... Or the man peddling a bicycle with a sofa crosswise on back and his daughter sitting on the sofa....yep, a memory. Walking into Payne's Fine Art curio shop and seeing row upon row of exquisitely carved statues of people and animals. Nairobi rush hour traffic-we will never complain of Portland rush hour traffic again. And so it goes on the start of our trip leaving home to go home.

We are now in the Houston area, working our way towards Oregon. We had planned on building in Goldendale, but an unwelcome neighbor decided the land next to ours was the perfect place for a marijuana farm, and, given the zoning and legal battles that will entail, we decided to change our plans. So new memories were started in Sisters, a lovely little town brimming over with arts and crafts and folk music and rodeos and golf and...well, fishing.


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