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We have a right to know


To the Editor:

You recently ran a story on city budget restraints on our local police department.

I personally feel the problem lies within the department itself. Is it really necessary for all officers to each have a vehicle, at their homes, all the time, when they are off duty? One officer lives way out in Centerville, and he has a patrol car at his home. The citizens are paying for fuel for this officer to get to and from work. The chief and the lieutenant both live out of the city limits. The tax payers are also paying for their fuel.

It is past time for the city council and mayor to wake up and live up to the jobs they were elected to do.

Mr. Editor, I took you all kinds of public records on the City of Goldendale budgets and expenditures. I also gave you a copy of my application for the planning commission position, but you did nothing about that and did not run a story—yet you were interested enough to want to record our conversation.

In closing, I am a citizen as well as a human being. I had all legal right to be on the planning commission. I believe it is a conflict of interest for both Keith Silen and Sherry Carver to be on the commission, as they are related to each other, but that is the way it has always been. In Goldendale, it’s not who you are but who you know.

I hope you run a story on this as you promised. Our citizens need to be asking questions on the issues I have raised.

(Editor’s response: It’s a measure of how seriously your allegations were taken that we did indeed request permission to record our initial conversation. As well, the records you brought to us were reviewed by our reporter who wrote the budget story; there was nothing untoward revealed in them. And your concerns about the planning commission were definitely addressed in our story on that matter, except for the claim you make in this letter, which marks the first we’ve heard of it. All that was missing in our coverage was reference to you specifically.)


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