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By Lou Marzeles

Observatory's new equipment captures Pluto


Contributed: Troy Carpenter, Goldendale Observatory

RECOGNIZE THAT DOT?: The Goldendale Observatory looks out on Pluto the same day that the New Horizons probe passed it.

Pluto is finally getting its due.

After years as the ugly stepchild of the "real" planets-in 2003 it was downgraded from its initial classification as a planet to a "dwarf planet," given that its scant 1,400 miles of width makes it smaller than Earth's moon-the farthest of the planetary bodies in our solar system is getting tons of attention.

Tuesday morning NASA's New Horizons probe swept near Pluto, after nine years on the "road," sending back the first relatively up-close images of the orb.

The occasion did not go unnoticed at the Goldendale Observatory State Park. Tuesday morning the Observatory's interpretive specialist, Troy Carpenter, sent his own picture of the night sky, highligh...

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