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'They saved my most precious possessions'

A fire survivor and her family remember the day everything but gratitude went up in flames



AFTERMATH: Bunny Wolf's home and vehicles after the Maryhill fire swept the lower edge of Maryhill Loops Road.

Bunny Nadler Wolf provided The Sentinel with this first-hand account of the burning of her home last weekend.

My house at the bottom of Maryhill Loops Road burned down on July 2.

I got off of work, saw smoke, rushed home, and called 911. I got away from the house so fire trucks could get in but there were too many fires at the same time, too few vehicles and too few firefighters to battle this very big, fast, hot fire with not enough water. So the house, garage, shop/apartment, barn, cars-everything burned.

In my opinion, what actually happened was, those firefighters-heroes to me-did not save my material possessions, but they did save my most precious possessions.

You see, as I was driving out in the smoke to let the fire trucks in, five of my family members snuck in with the fire trucks and tried saving things. My 14-year-old granddaughter grabbed grandpa Jack's urn and his saddle and tried hunting for family albums, but the smoke was unbreathable, and the firemen told them to get out of the house. A few others were doing the same thing in the apartment but were also told to leave. Ten minutes later, while driving out, the house internally blew.

In the end, my most precious possessions were saved by the wonderful, courageous fire fighters who continued to fight this fire through the night, as it moved towards the aluminum plant, burning land and cattle on its way. Our dog, Lady, was believed to have suffocated in the fire. The next morning, I received a check from the firefighter's fund to help my daughter Tammy, my granddaughter Hannah, and me jumpstart our lives.


PATH OF DESTRUCTION: The fire at Maryhill last weekend consumed acreage, animals and Bunny Wolf's home.

Amen and gratitude with all of my heart to them, my friends, my family and community here and far, and to all those I do not know for all you are doing for us.

As a side note, so many have asked about insurance. While my husband, Jack, was battling cancer and we were pinching pennies, I just never got any. I just never thought that this would happen, I never thought. Also, shame on me: I never supported our firefighters' fund, for which I truly am sorry. It took this to awaken me to all the good they do. I promise to change my ways."

A GoFundMe account has been set up for Wolf and her family. To donate, go online to Father's House Fellowship is also accepting donations and household goods for the Nadler Wolf family. For more information from Father's House, call 773-4719.


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