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By Doug Garman

Help Rural 7 help you


To the Editor:

Since we live out of town, we are very aware of the fine job the fire fighters (Rural 7) do to attempt to keep us safe. During the fires of the last few years and even more in the last few weeks, I have heard the cry for tenders and more water. Two years ago I asked some Rural 7 volunteers about water tanks for firefighting on our property. Here’s what he said:

1. The brush trucks need 200 gallons per load, and with the creek suction line they need at least a six-inch opening to drop a suction hose through. A ladder is good if needed to get to the opening wearing gear.

2. They will not guarantee to stop and fight your fire because you have water—but it will help fire suppressing efforts.

3. Mark tanks with “Fire Use” signs and have as much water as you can supply (600 gallons or more would be wonderful).

4. Have the tanks near the road or driveway with a turn-around.

5. If you had a pump to refill them, it could really help! With a generator if the power lines are burned out.

My 800 gallons are ready except for the signs. He thought the district might have signs available, but I have not gotten back to them to find out.


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