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By Michael Kitchen

Time for 'neigh-sayers'


To the Editor:

Recent events have finally moved me to ask the citizens of this beautiful area to rally together to revive and take our village back from the current regime. There is nothing I can do to prevent the judgment, discontent, and hatred of myself here. However, I think starting with the discontent of the horses downtown, it would be a wonderful opportunity to exercise our right of some civil disobedience.

I declare Friday, Aug. 7, the first Cowboy Ride Day in Goldendale in honor of a certain persona non grata. It’s with great joy that I ask all able-bodied horse lovers to trailer their horses to town every evening for a fun frolic on horseback, in solidarity of the nobility of our community and its dismay with the de-evolution of Goldendale.

We have turned into a welfare state under martial law. The city and county government do not own Goldendale, and they cannot decide who they do not want to live here. Our poor little burg is too tiny to absorb the pain it is currently asked to endure. Ask not for welfare; ask what we can do for the welfare of our homes, neighbors, and community.

Back to horses: I ask you to fill the downtown with them. We will provide enough tie-ups as needed. I would ask folks to not park cars on Main Street after 6 p.m. I have put in for an open fire permit next to Windy Ridge Saloon. Bring your kids, guitars, graham crackers, chocolate bars, marshmallows, hotdogs, buns, and folding chairs. We will have an open PA system set up. I’ll try to cook off some prime rib. All the other businesses should stay open till 10 p.m. and have their goods on the sidewalks. Let the horses neigh with glee. If you gardeners need manure, bring shovels and a box. Horse owners, try to bring your piles home.

My favorite TV show was “Mr. Ed.” He once asked about “Irish Alzheimer’s.” That’s when you forget everything except your grudges. That’s Goldendale from a horse’s perspective.

We need to stop the gossip and meet your “neigh-borhood.” Let’s all enjoy each other on Aug. 7 and throw out the tyrants.


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