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By Akasha Spino-Bybee

Aimee's Attic gives 'Change' for change



MAKING CHANGE: Aimee Waddell has implemented a unique new service program at her store on Broadway.

Aimee's Attic is in the limelight once more, following a recent feature in the national magazine Souvenirs. At the store's location on Broadway, shoppers can donate leftover change from purchases, and Aimee will match the amount at the end of the month. The change will then go to one of several non-profit organizations that have opened an account with the store. This program is referred to as "Change for Change."

"My name is Aimee, and I was born in Glenwood. I've lived in Goldendale for 13 years now and have had the stores going for 11 and a half years," says Aimee Waddell, owner of Aimee's Attic in Goldendale. "We have two locations, and at our store on Broadway, I just started this new program." According to Waddell, the program will only be available at the Broadway location because the Main Street consignment store is run by the vendors and consigners and the profits they bring in. The Broadway store is essentially run by our company, and so we're able to match the funds that are donated," she says.

"People will be able to see a complete list of the non-profits when they are donating," says Waddell, "and if someone wanted to open an account for their non-profit organization, they can do that as well. We are all about community. It's a way for us to pool our change together and help out a non-profit organization doing good for our communities." According to Waddell, every time a non-profit has earned over $100, she writes them a check.

"The non-profits are all located in Klickitat County, but most of them are here in Goldendale, our home town," says Waddell. "It's hard to sustain a lot in such a small town, and this is one way we can help. My motto for the store is, 'It's your store.' Without the community, we wouldn't be open, and so this is our way of giving back without people taking money out of their pockets."

The non-profit organization that will be given the donated funds for this month is the Centerville Grange. For more information, go online to


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