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By Andrew Christiansen

Sheriff to illegal drug users: get out or go to jail


Klickitat County Sheriff Bob Songer is looking for partners. In an effort to apply pressure to the drug dealing locations in Klickitat County, Songer is hoping to enlist the help of landlords, and he is providing some incentive.

Songer has prepared a letter to landlords that says: “Re: Seizure and forfeiture of personal and real property.” The letter informs the property owner that they are receiving the letter because the Sheriff’s Office has reason to believe their property at a certain location is being used to conduct illegal drug activity. Songer asks for the property owner’s cooperation by evicting the occupants as soon as possible.

The letter goes on to say that, “If you fail to take eviction proceedings against the occupants…and we end up executing a search warrant or conducting an investigation that results in the seizure of illegal drugs… this may result in the Sheriff’s office seizing the above listed residence and or property and initiating a forfeiture hearing.”

Songer hopes that the letter will make it easier for the property owner to evict unsavory tenants.

His intent is clear in the closing sentence of the letter: “People dealing in illegal drugs need to get out of Klickitat County or go to jail.”


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