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By George Ellis

What does it take to recycle?


To the Editor:

Nobody recycles in this county. OK, not nobody—maybe two in 10 homes recycle. From what I see, the stores in Goldendale, Klickitat, and Lyle do not recycle. I would also say that 80 percent of businesses do not recycle. Recycling is relatively easy, you save money, you help create jobs, you reduce trash from filling the landfill, and what is most important is you are helping mother Earth.

I place a lot of blame on Republic Services. They are not from here, and they do the minimum the county and state require. They could easily put 30 more people to work by recycling more.

What confuses me is: this is the 21st century, and they cannot figure out how to transport glass from...

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Reader Comments

AWeaver writes:

I recycle with every visit to the transfer station. However, Mr. Ellis' letter of complaint will do nothing to encourage people to recycle. Klickitat county bears part of the burden of informing citizens what should be done,and THEY DO. In the 15 years I've lived in the county, there have been 3 different waste/recycle services, Republic being the most recent. Recycling has been a national imperative since the 1980s. If Mr. Ellis expects to change minds, he should get data and pictures to support his position, then start talking to schools, businesses, county officials and encourage volunteers to support his position as a group. You get more flies with honey than with vinegar. :)


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