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By Chris Connolly
White Salmon 

Why not more on Sanders?


To the Editor:

Some 28,000 people attended the Bernie Sanders rally in Portland. His no-frills, no-obfuscation platform has attracted more supporters by thousands, in some cases tens of thousands, than the other presidential candidates. Why does the media not find him worthy of mention?

A recent survey found news mentions of Bernie Sanders numbered one during the same time Trump numbered 30. I found Fox’s Megyn Kelly’s question to Trump legitimate. His response was no less disparaging to women than his comments that were the topic of her question. This speaks volumes about his leadership qualifications. He’s all over the news. Excessive coverage. Read all about it.

Sanders, on the other hand, supports women’s rights along with children’s rights to food, housing, medical care and education. He supports Social Security, minimum wage increases, civil rights, taxation of billionaires, voting rights, Wall Street reforms, and he recognizes the urgency of climate change. He supports the Iran nuclear agreement, rather than joining the rush to another expensive war.

So why so little reporting on Sander’s substantive speeches, leadership roles in Congress and grassroots appeal? Why so little mention of his campaign that is not accepting millions of dollars in contributions from super PACs?

The latest polls put Sanders at 44 percent. So why no excessive coverage for this popular mover and shaker? Why not, “Presidential hopeful Sanders draws 27,000 in LA,” or, “Sen. Sanders proposes campaign finance reform to legislature.” Run on endless loops for days.

The media complains the campaigns are paid for by the billionaires, then fails to mention the one candidate who isn’t selling us out. Sanders is presidential in his knowledge, experience, and representation, with the numbers to warrant obsessive coverage.

I hear Bernie Sanders speaking truth to corruption, fearlessly and heroically. I wish more people could hear through the media how hopeful that sounds.


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