Multiple scams still hitting county


There's a cocktail of poisons to choose from in the way of scams rampant around Klickitat County these days. They include:

• Phony KPUD calls. This one is fairly new. Victims get approached by someone purporting to be the PUD claiming monies owed for servicing. Always check with the KPUD office directly to make sure the "representative" really is one.

• Phony senior services pitches. This one is far less organized and thought-out than other scams, not that any of them are the products of genius. Somebody out there figures that seniors are easy prey, and they pitch anything from fake roof repair to help with managing runaway credit problems. Again, rule number one is check the presumed source and never take someone's word for anything.

• Fake charity causes. This takes advantage of people's kindness in the wake of disasters, and there have been plenty. From calls to help fire victims to pitches for money for shooting victims' families, the calls go out hidden among the legitimate one. Do your due diligence and make sure you know who's really behind the pitch and where the money is going.

• The always-popular IRS tax flimflam. Victims get emails and/or calls supposedly from the IRS, warning of dire consequences if they don't come up with money to settle their account immediately. Any such notice, in whatever form it comes, should be utterly disregarded: the IRS doesn't dun for money that way.


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