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By Marcus Lafleur

Monster kids become monster adults


To the Editor:

The recent mass killing in Roseburg hit me hard. Since New Town there have been dozens of mass shootings, and there seems to be no end in sight. I have come to the conclusion that military style weapons with high capacity clips will never go away. Violent cryptic video games are here to stay. Billion dollar industries trump any legislation banning such things. Moral decay in today’s society needs to be combated at home.

I think parents need to step up and become more involved in their children’s lives. How can a parent really understand what is going on in the minds of their children when so much time is being spent away from family structure in the way of electronics (one form or another)? Many families do not have sit-down meals together. Many parents do not realize the content of games their children play. Many parents are both working, which makes it hard, but somewhere there must be time to bring kids up with a good sense of right and wrong.

Somehow in busy lives parents must balance praise with discipline. Love has rewards but that same love has accountability with consequences for bad behavior. I have seen so many displays of disrespect by young kids today that was unheard of years ago. I’m not saying kids should be little “Yes sir/Yes ma’am” robots but they should definitely have manners and respect instilled in them through mindful parenting.

Monster children become monster adults. I would like to see a return of more active parenting. Please be kind, rewind.


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