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Gina McCabe takes office.

Jan. 7 2015:

McCabe begins term

Standing before her family and friends, Gina McCabe, R-Goldendale, was sworn in as the newest 14th District state representative on the steps of the Klickitat County Courthouse on New Year's Day. She is the first person to be elected to the state Legislature from Klickitat County since 1982.

Light wars: battle for the night sky

Goldendale is the place you want to be, having been designated one of 20 Dark Skies parks in the world (15 in the United States), ranking Silver-Tier. That means we've got one of the best views of the stars. With recent controversy over the city's ordinance and the lights recently installed at the courthouse, though, you could tell there's a battle over the night sky.

Jan. 14, 2015:

Sentinel web site attacked by Chinese computers

The Goldendale Sentinel web site was heavily hit last week by numerous internet sources in China. The attacksforced The Sentinel site to a tedious crawl.

Jan. 21, 2015:

Planning commission votes no on pot ban

The City of Goldendale Planning Commission Thursday night voted to recommend that the city not implement a ban of future marijuana businesses, opposing an ordinance proposed by the city council to do just that. An audience of mostly ban supporters sat stunned as the vote occurred, two to one.

Feb 4, 2015:

City council votes to ban pot

In a few quiet minutes Monday night, the Goldendale city council voted first to reject the city planning commission's recommendation not to approve a proposed ordinance outlawing future marijuana businesses in the city and then voted to enact that same ordinance. The vote margin was five to two.

Feb 18, 2015:

Snowpack levels lead to concern about water

If you were to go by the saying "don't plant your garden until the snow is out of the Simcoes," you probably already have it planted. Of course, there hasn't been snow in the Simcoes for some time this winter. The Natural Resources Conservation Service, in partnership with the Central Klickitat Conservation District, maintains an automated weather station west of Satus Pass at the 5,300 foot mark. It is called the Indian Rock Snotel site. It hasn't had as much as 12-inches of snow since Jan. 24 and is currently at .2 inches and has been that way since Feb.10.

March 4, 2015:

Grand opening

Thursday Klickitat Valley Health celebrated the grand opening of its new family clinic premises, in the remodeled former Golden View Terrace behind the hospital.

March 11, 2015:

Bringing back Main Street

Main Street has been through a lot over the past 150 years; it has been burned to the ground by the summer heat, re-built and then paved over to suit automobiles and future commercialization. It can be seen as a key component to the economic evolution of Goldendale. With this said, one can understand how important it is to protect its historical attributes and rejuvenate Main Street's image. "The year before last, we had a speaker from the Washington Main Street Program come and speak to the Chamber of Commerce about preserving and revitalizing our Main Street. The chamber decided to pursue getting Goldendale on board as a Main Street community," says Mike DeMott, president of the Greater Goldendale Area Chamber of Commerce.

March 18, 2015:

Costner, Elway in county for private hunting

Two prominent people took a trip on their private planes to Dallesport a little over a week ago, going bird hunting. "They flew in on Thursday [March 5] and flew out on Saturday [March 7]," says Laura Davidson, general manager of the Red Racer Café. It seems Kevin Costner and John Elway-the VIPs in question-have a special interest in beautiful Klickitat County and also like flying in style.

April 1, 2015:

Sasquatch sign raises questions

"I was on my way to a relatives, my sister was in the passenger's seat taking pictures of the Gorge, and she caught what appeared to be a new 'Bigfoot Crossing' sign on 97," says Erin Dupris. "We kept looking at the picture, questioning why there would be a sign, when we noticed something even stranger." What the Dupris sisters didn't see in the picture until a few days after it was taken was a Sasquatch-looking creature, coming up the guard rail.

(This was in The Sentinel's annual April Fool's Day issue, though many took it seriously. The Sentinel received inquiring calls from around the country.)

April 29, 2015:

Glenwood fights to avoid being absorbed into Indian lands

The Yakama Nation has quietly issued a petition to the federal government to retrocede some 99,000 acres of northwestern Klickitat County, including the town of Glenwood, to within its reservation boundaries. Now—with action on the tribe’s petition expected to be taken within the next two months—the county and area residents are fighting back, holding meetings, gathering concerned comments from state and federal authorities, and sending a commissioner to Washington, D.C., to meet with officials in an effort to bring this struggle of more than a century to a final resolution.

May 6, 2015:

Appeals court rules KPUD is a ‘person,’ can be sued

Klickitat PUD (KPUD) General Manager Jim Smith says that a Washington Court of Appeals ruling on Thursday does not mean the utility has been legally determined to be liable for the 2010 fire near Lyle. “The ruling was just the court’s finding that the utility as a public corporation is a ‘person’ and therefore can be sued,” Smith says. “And our position is, that’s mistaken.”

June 3, 2015:

Songer is certified as peace officer

It’s a short and simple document, but it fulfills a campaign promise. “All through the campaign last year,” Klickitat County Sheriff Bob Songer says, “my opponent made a point of saying he was certified as a Washington State Police Officer and I wasn’t. So I promised that if I was elected, I would go through the process of certification, even though it was not required. And I did.”

June 10, 2015:

Herrington trial ends in deadlock

A jury of five women and seven men deliberating in the Rosser (Ross) Herrington child molestation trial in Goldendale Friday morning concluded that they could not reach a unanimous decision. Judge Brian Altman polled each juror upon their return to the courtroom at 11:35 Friday morning. “Are you confident that if I sent you back to deliberate for another 20 minutes or so,” he asked the jurors, “you would remain deadlocked?” “Absolutely,” was the most common reply. One juror’s response thinly suggested that deliberations had been heated.

June 17, 2015:

County planning commission recommends two-year ban on new pot businesses

The Klickitat County Planning Commission was one vote shy of unanimity in its meeting Monday night in proposing a two-year ban with a sunset clause on new marijuana businesses to the County Commissioners. The vote has no binding authority but rather serves as a recommendation for action to the county commission. No action would affect existing county businesses.

July 1, 2015:

Dead heat

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Dark skies threatened in Goldendale.

Zak Maytum (in red) edged Alex Charleson to win the IDF World Cup open class at Maryhill Loops in the Festival of Speed. Maytum’s victory was not without controversy as riders made contact as they approached the finish line. Maytum and women’s division winner, Emily Pross gave the USA its first wins in the two events in the nine-year history of the Festival of Speed. The heat was at times oppressive over the weekend, but strong winds cooled the course for Sunday’s finals.

July 8, 2015:

City council moves to change residency requirements for planning commission

Councilors modified on the spot a proposal to add a residency requirement to membership on the city’s planning commission. As proposed by staff, the ordinance would have required three of the five members of the Goldendale Planning Commission to actually live in Goldendale while allowing the other two members to be residents anywhere in Klickitat County.


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