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By Lou Marzeles

God called on human rights issue by WHRC


God obviously doesn’t know what He’s doing, so thank God (so to speak) that we have the Washington Human Rights Commission (WHRC).

God, of course, got it all wrong when He created just two sexes. What was He thinking?! Helloooo, Earth to God? Don’t you know we get to choose what sexes we want to be, irrespective of how You made us?

Of course I’m being sarcastic, as befits a response to the lunacy of the WHRC inflicting its will on the citizenry of Washington State in form of imposing drastic fines on any business or school that refuses to admit a man who says he’s a woman into a woman’s rest room. When the story first broke, one had to wonder if it was from The Onion or Mad Ma...

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