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By Lou Marzeles



Lou Marzeles

Karen Henslee

After more than 19 years of work at The Goldendale Sentinel, Karen Henslee is calling it a career; her last day is Friday, Jan. 29. "The place won't seem the same without her," says Sentinel Editor and Publisher Lou Marzeles. Henslee came to the newspaper in 1996, fresh from a job working in the administrative office at Head Start. She was hired to type-back then all news and ad copy walked in, was mailed in, or was faxed in, and it all had to be typed into computers, which then used little 7-inch screens. After two years, Henslee started doing some bookkeeping, and in 2004 then-owner Andy McNab appointed her general manager. Along the way she acquired exceptional production skills and guided The Sentinel's production process to this day. Her most vivid memory? "The fire in 2006," she says. "I got a call from the editor who said, 'The building's on fire and I'm getting out.' I called Andy, who told me, 'When you get a chance, you make sure you get the bound copies [of past issues] out, making sure you get everything you need to put out a paper.' They let Mike [Henslee's husband] drive on the sidewalk and back his pick-up to the door. We hauled out 100 volumes of old Sentinel books, then we grabbed the server and all the software." She adds, "I will miss being here." And The Sentinel will miss her.


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