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By David Harris

Where have our rights gone?


To the Editor:

The right of the people to readdress their government is defined in the U.S. Constitution and also the Declaration of Independence. Have we totally lost this right? One has only to look at the actions of this government to find the answer in regards to its handling of the Malhuer Wildlife Refuge and its dealing with the Bundys.

When our founders set up this country, they knew if we forgot the past we were doomed to repeat it! What’s the difference between fair trial and military tribunal? Or, in other words, if I’m acting as judge, jury, and executor of your sentence and also want what you possess, how well do you think you’re going to be treated?

Black’s law dictionary defines absolute power as absolutely corrupt. In the case of the Bundys, where is the right of readdress of wrongs? Or, in other words, if I hold bigger guns than you, I can take what you have, right? Or might makes right?

What will happen to free speech, pursuit of happiness, or the freedom of the press? We have only to look at history to find our answers.


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