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As much fun as basketball and wrestling have been, the mild weather (brief as it may be) has me yearning to get back outdoors for spring sports.

Tennis will have its first home match on March 19 against Wahluke. I understand some people around here don’t think sports should be part of school, but that’s the way it is and quite frankly, it embarrasses me to have people visit our school and have to play on those tennis courts.

The negativity about our school is a reflection of how we view ourselves and it stands out for visitors. Keep in mind there are hundreds of people visiting Goldendale each year, just to compete in school sports. They judge us by what they see.

As much as people may not like sports sayings, there is an adage that applies. It is the notion that you have to envision yourself succeeding, if you are to succeed. If you think your town and school are heading for the dumps, that is where they will go. A little pride around here could go a long way.


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