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By Steve Kenny

Don't go with the consensus


To the Editor:

Some might call me a denier. Before judging, listen to this B. S. Chemistry graduate with 20-plus years in water treatment. Trained in a core science with honed critical thinking skills, I should, according to main stream media, be a proponent of the Climate Change Movement. Yet my education, experience, and predilection for analytical thought causes me to question the consensus.

Several phenomena come to mind that, to my knowledge, have not been addressed, particularly with claims that the melting ice caps will raise sea levels, these include, tectonic activity, erosion, water chemistry, and failed prediction deadlines. Sea level changes several ways naturally. As tectonic plates shift past, over and under one another, more or less ocean is displaced, therefore raising/lowering sea level. To complicate matters, the moon’s gravity causes the earth and oceans to bulge because of gravity. As the moon drifts further from Earth, the amount of water piling up with weakening gravity will decrease, thereby raising average sea level.

Further, erosion carries earth into the ocean, displaces water volume, and raises sea levels. One need only study the state of Louisiana where a huge portion of its area is the Mississippi Delta, or examine the Grand Canyon.

Water chemistry plays a role too. Water dissolves carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas). If calcium is dissolved in that water, calcium carbonate can precipitate as a solid. Deposits of calcium carbonate and other similar minerals are seen in caves around the world. Water itself and deposits serve as a buffering repository for carbon dioxide.

If this scientific perspective doesn’t lead one to question “the Consensus,” surely numerous passed deadlines where we were supposed to freeze to death due to global cooling, burn to death from global warming, or drown from the rising sea levels can stimulate reason.


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