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Sheriff: don't trespass to hunt


The Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) has announced a reminder to everyone to be cautious of whose property they’re on. It’s turkey season, and the department is already having problems with trespassers. With the sheriff’s posse now at nearly 70 volunteers and our deputies and reserves being in the woods this time our year, the KCSO says you’ll never know where they will be.

On April 16, an off-duty deputy was hunting north of Goldendale with family and friends on private property. The property being well posted. At daylight the deputy saw a white dodge truck pass by his location and within a minute the same truck came back northbound and parked along the road. The driver exited the truck and walked in the same direction as a turkey gobbling in his roost tree. The suspect, later identified as Brian C. Lewis of Vancouver, was armed with a shotgun.

The off-duty deputy photographed the vehicle and waited for Lewis to exit the woods. After a short wait, Lewis walked back to the truck and was confronted by the deputy. The deputy was able to photograph Lewis in the field.

Lewis was advised by the deputy that he was trespassing. Lewis immediately said it was not what it looked like, that he had seen a cougar chase down a fawn the prior night and he was there looking for the cougar. He insisted he was not turkey hunting. Lewis was dressed in full camouflage with a shotgun, which is common for a turkey hunting.

The investigation has been turned over to the Washington Department of Fish and Game for unlawful hunting closed season and hunting while trespassing. Lewis is currently in custody for a probation violation stemming from this incident.

This is a reminder to all trespassers that you never know when law enforcement is in the woods, the KCSO says. This is also a reminder to witnesses to take good pictures of people, license plates, and vehicles.


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