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By Andrew Christiansen

Cell phone thief runs con, is arrested


Matt Levasseur, 32, of Goldendale was arrested for trafficking stolen property and for an outstanding Department of Corrections warrant. The case transpired over more than a month, stemming from a cell phone that was stolen from the Goldendale Library on April 13.

The victim’s girlfriend said she met a man named Matt in early May and told him about the stolen phone. According to the report, the man offered to find the phone for her. Sometime later, the man called the victim and told him he had recovered the phone and that the people who had it wanted $80 for it. Over the next two weeks, the victim and the man named Matt were in contact with each other a number of times and eventually agreed to meet in public for an exchange of cash for the phone.

The victim had notified the Goldendale Police by then and was instructed to call them when the meeting happened. The exchange was made and the victim texted the police while still in the company of the man who turned out to be Levasseur. Levasseur was arrested without incident.


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