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By Barbara Robinson
Past Chamber board member 

What happened to pride?


To the Editor:

The Greater Goldendale Area Chamber of Commerce is working very hard to encourage visitors to come to Goldendale. They want visitors to come, spend some time, and become acquainted with our amazing area. They are encouraging visitors to spend the night, visit the restaurants, and local businesses. However, there is not a very inviting look in Goldendale. There are weeds growing in some planters as well as the cracks in the sidewalks and the gutters. There are sheets hanging in store front windows that have been there way too long, and cigarette butts outside of business doors...

Where is your city pride? On Saturdays there are only three stores open on Main Street, for visitors to shop. Why should anyone stay to shop?

One of the first places tourists look for to get local information is the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber building has been vacant for the second summer in a row. After almost a year and a half, the weeds, the piles of rocks, bricks, construction debris, orange construction fencing, along with broken picnic tables are in the process of being taken care of from the efforts of volunteers. There will need to be extensive landscaping done after all the construction debris is removed. This is a city park. Will the city work with the Chamber to get the grounds looking like a city park? If not, why? Where is your city pride?

A person develops “tunnel vision” not really seeing what is around them. Are the city officials even aware that there are sheets hanging in a store front and weeds are growing in the sidewalks and gutter cracks? Has anyone from the city even walked the streets of Goldendale and really looked at the surroundings? If someone has, why have the offending issues not been addressed? Where is your city pride?

From all outward appearances, no one really cares what visitors think of Goldendale or the impression they take with them. This is really sad!


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