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By Shelby Taylor

Students work tough hours for scholarships, win or lose


Contributed: John Longfellow

TURNING OF THE TASSLE: Goldendale High School seniors graduated last week.

Congratulations are due to Goldendale High School graduates. Years of homework, studying, and continuous motivation have finally been rewarded with a significant milestone for these students.

Of the 66 students who graduated this year, 27 students received a total of $504,924, $191,400 of which alone were local scholarships.

Each of these scholarships can take multiple hours to apply for.

"When I applied for scholarships, I began applying my junior year instead of waiting until my senior year," said a previous graduate. "I put hours of time into the tedious process of writing repetitive essays. Of the hundreds of scholarships I applied for, I received twelve."

Though this student was fortunate enough to receive such a large number of scholarships, most graduates are not so fortunate. Scholarships are competitive, time consuming, and sometimes come with little reward.

Goldendale High School provides substantial support and access to information about scholarships for the students. The school provides information about local and state scholarships on the school website, while Karen Fields, the Counseling and Career Center Secretary, updates the monthly Career Center bulletin and gives two presentations a year to educate and inform students about these scholarships.

"The local scholarships are available for senior students to start applying after first semester is completed (end of January or first week of February). I am available to instruct the seniors how to apply for the local scholarships on an individual basis, and I prepare a Local Scholarship Presentation for all seniors that is presented in their Navigation Classes near the end of their first semester," says Fields.

The school also requires students to condense their academic records in preparation for scholarship applications.

For those who were not successful, the best advice is, do not give up. Scholarships are always available throughout a student's entire education. "While I was at WSU, I received four additional scholarships over a four-year period, which helped with my tuition costs, books, and supplies," emphasizes the previous grad. "I reapplied every year."

This year's scholarship recipients with their total award amounts are as follows:

Cody Warren 99,360

Hanna Hoffman 89,200

Connor Abbott 74,818

Amy Chappelle 65,289

Dominick Rose 41,000

Kailey Garrigus 38,500

Bailey Ihrig 28,300

Keisha Ensey 15,815

Alyssa Madsen 8,000

Zachary Berkshire 5,750

Cheyanne Dove 5,500

Brittany Wells 5,300

Jaymison Christopher Cline 4,600

Willow O'Connor 4,500

Jairus Christensen 4,000

Alexis Stevens 2,400

Brian Golding 2,192

Zara Kartes 2,000

Kelley Bellamy 1,500

Zane Cully 1,200

Jeanetta Escene 1,000

Edward Kristensen 1,000

Demetrius McCoy 1,000

Wyatt Mercer 1,000

Kathy Najar 1,000

Angela Coronel-Garcia 500

Michaela Browning 200

In addition to scholarships, the high school staff has honored one male and one female graduate to receive Goldendale High School's 2016 Citizenship Award. This year's recipients were: Brian Golding and Hanna Hoffman.


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