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By Kent McEwen

Let us work


To the Editor:

I was working for PoW, driving dump truck for them. I worked a day and a half. Then they said, “We’re going to have to let you go—because we want an all-around person.”

They never asked me to do anything but drive truck, so how would they know if I was all-around or not? That just tells me they’re just hiring people from Goldendale and then firing them, so they can say they hired people from Goldendale so they don’t get in any trouble.

In my work experience, I’ve built power plants, doing everything but welding. I worked on Google in The Dalles. I was a foreman building Costco and Target in Everett, and I worked with Columbia Asphalt in Yakima. I can drive a front-end loader roller. I know how to dump into an asphalt machine. I’ve done concrete and concrete forms for 20 years. And they say I don’t have enough experience.

This is how they’re going to treat Goldendale? Hopefully our Goldendale community will stick together and put our foot down.


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