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By Andrew Christiansen

Bull Bash under the lights extends the excitment of the Ketchum Kalf Rodeo


Andrew Christiansen

Barrel Barriers: Traci Bailey, of Centerville, charges for the second barrel during Sunday's Ketchum Kalf Rodeo.

The first running of the Ketchum Kalf Bull Bash was an unabashed success, particularly for Cody Ford, of Hermiston. He was the big winner, coming out on top of two of three divisions (round one, round two and overall average) of the $10,000 event, which split the money evenly over the three divisions. Ford was sixth in the first round among a group of 34 bull riders, competing under the lights at Glenwood.

The top 10 moved on to round two, which was won by Ford. There were only two riders who scored in round two, the other being Weston Grant. Ford and Grant split that third of the purse 60:40.

The two rides put Ford and Grant in the top two places for average score, giving Ford another big check. But Ford wasn't done with a week that was very good to him. It started on the previous Sunday with a win at the Aldercreek Rodeo. Following Friday night's big win, Ford, who was born in Klickitat County and lived at B.Z. Corner for awhile, hit the road and won another bull riding event on Saturday. He returned to Glenwood on Sunday, but came up short of making it a spectacularly winning week for the Hermiston cowboy.

The All-Around Cowboy for the two-day Ketchum Kalf Rodeo was Bode Foster who had pay days in steer wrestling and team roping.

A couple of Klickitat County boys, Cole Cameron and Mike Murphy had a good payday in the cow milking. They were the only ones to complete the task in the one-minute allotted time. Cameron was the roper and milker while Murphy was the mugger. Most teams had trouble just roping the super fast Kayser Ranch range cows.

The Ketchum Kalf Rodeo Association also honored Duane Dewey as the Most Valuable Association member of the year, awarding him the Hank Ladiges Memorial Buckle. Georgia Bean was the winner of the Shawna Roberson Memorial Buckle for top junior barrel rider.

The rodeo got off to a rough start with the weather being cold and blustery. But, Sunday's show was under ideal weather and started with the traditional Cowboys's Breakfast and church services in town, followed by a parade to the rodeo grounds, west of town.

A large audience saw a full day of rodeo fun with the cowboys and cowgirls sharing in $20,444 in payout. One area where there were no winners was in the bull riding where stock contractor Gold Buckle took home the prize money.

Complete results with score or time in parenthesis followed by total event payout were:

Andrew Christiansen

THIS WON'T LAST: Zach Connor, of Bonney Lake had a wild ride to open Sunday's rodeo.

Bareback bronc-1. Seth Shelton, 2. Cam Groff, 3. Orrin Ouska, 4. Cole Apgar ($1,092.50). Saddle bronc-1. Jacob Stacy, 2. Johnny Espland, 3. Charlie Barker, 4. Calvin Shaffer ($1,425). Tie down roping-1. Preston Pederson, 2. Pacen Marez, 3. Jason Minor, 4. Andy Steffen, 5. Jordan Spears, 6. Shane Erickson ($2,493.75). Steer wrestling-1. Travis Thompson, 2. John Green, 3. Jason Fromm, 4. BoDee Foster, 5. Caleb McMillan, 6. Ty Sherman ($2,137.50). Team roping 1. Bobby Moriarty/Gary Nybo, 2. Taylor White/Jason Minor, 3. Zach Raley/Phoenix Everno, 4. Trevor Peterson/Nic Nyman, 5. Tate Peterson/BoDee Foster, 6. Austin Bast/JimJack Davenport ($5,130). Cow milking-1. Cole Cameron with Mike Murphy ($1,824). Breakaway roping-1. Josie Shannon, 2. Jordan Minor, 3. Taighler Dougherty, 4. Stacy Baker, 4. Charley Theile, 5. Trey Tucker ($3,063.75). Barrel racing- 1. Whitney Reilly, 2. Terri Bangart, 3. Jody Tucker, 4. Cheyenne Allen, 5. Shane Falon, 6. Jordon Minor ($3,277.50). Bull Bash winners: Round 1- 1. Jory Markiss $1,100, 2. Dalton Davis $833, 3. Allen Helmuth $600, 4. Colt Yeager $400, 5. Cheyne Olney $234, 6. Cody Ford $167. Round 2- 1. Ford $2,000.40, 2. Weston Grant $1,333.60. Average- 1. Ford $1,100, 2. Grant $833, 3. Markiss $600, 4. Davis $400, 5. Helmuth $234, 6. Yeager $167.


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