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By Steve Kenny

Let's debate right here


To the Editor:

While not surprised by the political vitriol lately on social media, I have noticed most seems to come from the left. I recently joined what seemed a reasonable exchange between two teachers (one retired) and my school friend, at which point one teacher announced she was bailing out of the debate to “save her dignity.” My friend had just politely, persuasively, and accurately made the case against further gun control in light of recent incidents. My counsel to my friend was to give it up because she had reached “fight or flight” mode.

Her sour grapes departure was a replay of countless comments I had observed over the years. In most of my observed political discussions, sides were chosen, cases made, then the left winger abandoned facts to discredit and/or to simply leave. Frequently, the less polite would try to cut conservatives off at the knees with name calling in attempt to end debate. By them we were unfairly labeled bigots, homophobes, racists, greedy, misogynist, and so forth, with their mindset being, “Who would listen to one of your kind?”

Clarity has come to me that this “fight or flight” reaction is a self-defense mechanism making it OK for Democrats to cling to emotionally derived beliefs despite having just heard persuasive logic and facts contradicting them. We debate in different universes, ours being a world of rational logic, theirs being one of emotional expression of perceived fairness. And never the twain shall meet.

With all of this in mind and in the interest of fairly and properly vetting issues, I hereby challenge my liberal friends to debate in the world of facts without the usual malice and name-calling and all within the confines of this opinion page. Call us conservatives out on your issue of choice. I throw down the gauntlet.


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