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By Steve Kenny

Wrong reasons to be upset


To the Editor:

I read the letter last week regarding the display of the "Confederate Flag" at the parade and the subsequent excoriation of the City for allowing it.

Two points I want to make here. First, since the other letters appeared to be politically associated with Republican viewpoints, I wanted to caution that any perception that this was a letter to balance representation by both sides would be a huge mistake.

First and foremost, the Republican party was born of the ashes of the Whig party leading up to the Civil war in 1854 in their not being able to deal with slavery. This abolitionist movement was congealed into the Republican Party to run against the Democratic Party with most of their strength coming from the soon to be Confederacy. Lincoln, the first Republican President, signed the Emancipation Proclamation freeing the black slaves. When Lincoln was elected, South Carolina, which had threatened to secede from the Union if a Republican was elected, started the split of the Union. Only near the end of the Civil war that ensued did that which we now recognize as the Confederate Flag become created. The point is that the flag mentioned in the letter last week was created by Southern Democrats. Please do not associate it with Republicans.

The second point on this matter is that most Republicans abhor Racism, I caution the banning of symbols and speech. Consider, the burning and general desecration of our current national flag within the United States. It seems this flag, once championed by abolitionists, is viewed by growing throngs of malcontents like BLM as a racist symbol. That which you may regard highly now, can make you a racist in the future. The point is to dissuade and condemn acts of racism and not the symbolism.


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