By Shelby Taylor

The potted plants return to form


Shelby Taylor

NEW SIDEWALK ORNAMENT: The flower pot on Main Street in front of The Sentinel has returned.

The City of Goldendale colored the streets with aesthetically pleasing flower pots years ago, but their lives have not been a walk in the park. Many have begun to wither away or become the helpless victim of unknown vandalism-like The Sentinel's very own which was, at one point, rolled down the sidewalk and set aflame).

But thanks to a trade-in-kind from Dandy Valley Farm & Nursery, The Sentinel's flower pot has been replaced, along with the addition of daisies, petunias, geraniums, and more.

Lou Marzeles, editor of The Sentinel, stated, "We appreciate Ron Falter's willingness to help our storefront aesthetics. Whenever plants put up hazardous materials posters, my picture is on them, so it's good to have someone tending this who doesn't strike terror in plants' hearts."


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