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By Andrew Christiansen

Narrow victory in Unlimited decides Western series championship at Broken Boulder Farm


Andrew Christiansen

REAR ASSIST: James Treacy works his way through the boulders at Broken Boulder Farm, Sunday. Treacy took advantage of front and rear steering to win the Sportsman A class of W.E. Rock by a wide margin.

When Jesse Haines dropped off a boulder during the final run on a tough course at Broken Boulder Farms, the crowd roared. It was perhaps a consolation prize for the driver who made a strong run to try and catch Tracy Jordan for the Western Series championship of W.E. Rock rock crawling series.

Haines attacked the final course heading into a tough bonus gate right from the start. It was his only shot at catching Jordan, but it didn't work out as he slid into the lower cone, like most everyone else did on that part of the course. It was his skill in getting out of a tough jam later in the course that drew the crowd response. The car was literally laying on its side, teetering between a roll-over and success. "We were in second place, even if we rolled," said Haines after the run. "So I just went for it." Somehow he gained just enough traction from the two wheels that weren't in the air, to move the car to fall through the gate without hitting a pylon.

Jordan, who hails from Phoenix had double-digit negative scores on all but two of his runs over the two days of the event. Negative points is the goal and it made the difference as he beat Haines -153 to -147. Haines had a disastrous run that scored 18 points on a course where Jordan had -10. It proved to be the crucial run that gave Jordan the comfortable lead and the win. Jordan's spotter, his brother Jason, of Prescott, AZ., said he built a small rear-steer car, partially so he could relate to his brother's car. The capability of the car to independently steer front and rear was an obvious advantage to cars who had that feature, allowing them to step around and over the boulder strewn field.

Another of the rear steer vehicles was driven by James Treacy, of Portland. Treacy ran away with the Sportsman A class, winning by 110 points over runner-up Cody Gabriel. In a sport that is big on sportsmanship, Gabriel was Treacy's spotter. Not only that, but Treacy spotted for Gabriel.

Treacy is a heating and cooling service technician for Alliance Systems in Portland. He was a fan of off-road racing from an early age. "I worked in a couple of off road shops," said Treacy. Then he got his chance to work at Oregon Motor Sports, where he learned a great deal about fabrication. Today he and his family travel all over the country off-roading. He doesn't run the full W.E. Rock series, but likes to come to Goldendale's Broken Boulder Farm. "A lot of people don't like the dirt because it makes the course slick, and a lot don't like the heat," said Treacy. "But I like it."

Andrew Christiansen

Holly Erlandsen stuck her tough out for leverage as she was one of the few in Sportsman C to make up a tough section of the course and finished in second place.

One thing people didn't have to deal with this year at Rody and Mark Schilling's Broken Boulder Farm was the heat. It was comfortable this year, and while the wind whipped up the dust, it helped keep things cool.

The final scores by class were:

Unlimited class – Tracy Jordan/Jason Jordan -153, Jesse Haines/Mike Berard -147, Brandy Southall/Randy Southall 298. Sportsman A – James Treacy/Cody Gabriel 16, Cody Gabriel/James Treacy 126, Jake Hallenbeck/Chaz Merritt 139, Steve Cobb/Dustin Haviland 140, Nathan Osborn/Jeremy Osborn 222, Doug Straight/Tory Trinka 293, Jeremy Ofstad/Rhet McClish 293, Shawn McNearney/ Tyler Tryatt 302, Tyler Tryatt/Kyle Pomeranke 304. Sportsman C – Jeremy Sodoroff/Jesse Bigby 42, Holly Erlandsen/Jason Veal 84, Chris Janecek/Travis Smalley 92, Karl Van Petten/Tom Baker 97, Rick Penrose/John Mathews 162, Katie Dehnhoff/Dillon Gulley 191, Larry Smith/Anthony (name not provided) 191, Chad Krebs/Cody Krebs 234, Rhet McClish/Matt McKinlay 274, John Swink/Scott Soderberg 285.


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