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Coordinated action by Goldendale Police leads to two arrests over stolen gun


Two men were arrested in connection with theft of a firearm. On Aug. 18, Goldendale Police were looking for Christopher Hudson, 20, as a possible witness to a case they were investigating. An officer spotted a man on North Columbus Ave. and asked if he was Hudson. The man immediate ran. Three officers were close to the scene and quickly closed in and arrested the man, who was indeed, Christopher Hudson.

In the process of pursuing Hudson, police learned he had an outstanding warrant from Hood River. Upon detaining Hudson, they found a pistol holster in his backpack. Hudson was arrested on the Hood River warrant.

On the same day, another Goldendale officer had answered a call about a stolen gun. When he heard that Hudson had been in possession of a holster, the officer obtained the holster and had it identified by the burglary victim. Officers then pressed Hudson for information about the whereabouts of the gun. Hudson admitted that he had thrown the gun in an alley when police were chasing him.

Officers recovered the gun and it was identified by the owner. Hudson claimed he did not steal the gun, but purchased the gun from James Byers, 28, of Goldendale. Hudson showed officers a Facebook page that documented a conversation Hudson and Byers had about the gun. Hudson claimed that he lived with Byers and that Byers had seen that Hudson had $60. According to court documents, Hudson claimed that Byers said he needed the money and offered to get a gun for Hudson in exchange for the money. The Facebook conversation was alleged to have occurred while Hudson was committing the burglary.

Officers arrested Byers and asked him about the gun. Byers denied stealing the gun and was hard pressed to explain the Facebook conversation. Byers claimed he simply told Hudson where he could steal a gun.

Both men were arraigned on Friday. Hudson was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm in the second degree with bail set at $35,000. Byers was charged with theft of a firearm and trafficking in stolen property in the first degree. His bail was set at $25,000.


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