OFF TO ENGLAND: Sentinel reporter Shelby Taylor is headed to the UK to open the newspaper's London bureau. We need someone to take her place here.

SHELBY TAYLOR is opening The Sentinel's London bureau, and we need someone to replace her here in Goldendale. No, you don't get to switch with her.

The Sentinel is able to open a bureau in England because Shelby is going there anyway and we thought, what the heck, send us an article or two while you're there.

Shelby's replacement here will be able to write cogent news stories and, ideally, step into her column about Goldendale businesses with the same spark. As well, he or she will work on production of pages in QuarkXpress and upload our news content to our website every week. Added to that list of duties are: helping customers at the front desk and handling a range of office tasks. Diligence, deadline discipline, sound writing skills, good organizational abilities, and being great with people are all needed skills for this position.

A passport is not required.


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