By Shelby Taylor

Histories and mysteries of Goldendale businesses: Fence family feels their future is full


Shelby Taylor

A FENCING BROOD: The Olson family-from left to right, Krista, Jasper, Scarlet, and Wade-runs a fence company in Klickitat County.

Wade and Krysta Olson are owners of the new family owned and operated business in Centerville, Olson Fencing LLC, that serves all of Washington and Oregon for residential and commercial fences.

The family is not unfamiliar to the area, by any means, with Wade's long standing family history reaching back multiple generations in Centerville.

Krysta's family homesteaded in Trout Lake, with the majority of her family members attending Trout Lake and White Salmon schools. The couple both attended Centerville school through eighth grade and continued onto high school in Goldendale where they started dating almost 15 years ago.

The business opened this spring after Krysta left her job as a nurse for Home Health and Hospice in Goldendale to pursue the behind-the-scenes administrative part of the business full time. Wade's fencing, construction, and heavy construction experiences since early high school make him the working horse of the business, being almost completely responsible for the fence building, along with the additional help of Krysta's brother and sister.

The Olson's two children, Scarlett, 2, and Jasper, 5, while running around The Sentinel were disappointed there wasn't a playground inside. They're a bit young to help out with the family business. "We don't take the kids to the work site. Literally nothing would get done," Krysta jokes.

Currently, the pair have a full contractor's license here in Washington, meaning they can do a full array of fencing, from barbed wire to decorative gate entry ways. They are in the process of upgrading their license in Oregon, which currently only allows for agricultural fencing.

Eventually, the duo would like to expand the business to pursue the entire northwest.

"We've been very lucky; we've had such steady business so far," says Krysta. "It's an opportunity that kind of fell into our lap."

"A couple fencing contractors decided to close down and I decided to fill the gap," adds Wade.

Many of the original fencing businesses have expanded and evolved into larger contracting and construction services, with less emphasis on smaller fencing for local farmers and the like.

"The majority of our customers have come from Klickitat County so far, with some bigger jobs across the river in places such as Hood River," says Wade.

In addition to opening an entirely new business, the couple would also like to begin doing much of the welding on site instead of placing custom orders that can cause customers to experience long wait times. "He wants to get into making a lot of the stuff himself so that it cuts down on costs. Things like gates, which can be very expensive," Krysta says.

The couple says their focus is on providing high-quality service for their customers. They are highly energetic and determined to make their business a success.

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