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By Shelby Taylor

Resident takes open aim at neighbor's property



SQUATTER MILITARIZED ZONE: A photo marked for boundary references shows open encroachment by one Centerville resident onto another's property.

Some area residents are experiencing a unique situation, falling victim to an outdated law that allows landowners to be robbed of their own property by decriminalized trespassers. It's an application of the sometimes bizarre phenomenon called squatters' rights, and a dramatically blatant and self-admitted case of it has been going on in Klickitat County over the last few years.

Roger Repenn, who farms 40 acres with his wife of 48 years in Centerville, began his squatter nightmare after his purchase of an additional 20 acre lot in 1984. On June 10, 2013, Repenn gave the property to his son, Ryan Repenn.

In 2014, Robert Rineheart, a resident on the adjacent property, installed a new fence h...

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Reader Comments

jimbayer1 writes:

This same law exists in other States, in various forms. Very often it comes up in cases of convenience fences or fences that don't exactly follow property lines but are built for ease of construction, effectiveness and maintenance. And there are times that adverse possession may actually be fair (to a reasonable person). Unfortunately, there are those who will exploit the law and get away with it.


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