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By Marese Mitchell

It's all good


To the Editor:

I just finished reading John Grisham’s The Chamber, a novel about the death penalty and the Ku Klux Klan in the 1960s. All of a sudden the thought hit me that what happened back then is still happening today! Black people are being gunned down for no apparent reason. It’s time for all people...white, Latino, Native American and Asian, whatever race you are, to acknowledge and send whatever support/prayers you can, to our black American neighbors and friends.

New, in addition to these seeming executions, we can add the LBGT individuals massacred in Orlando and police officers in Dallas, Texas. All gunned down in cold blood by disturbed individuals. With automatic weapons.

This is not a rant about gun control, even though countries who have put some limits on gun purchase availability report less homicides. Even though Republicans in Congress are bought by the NRA. And, even though I don’t understand why people need assault weapons.

But I ask that we try to send support in whatever fashion we can, to all the victims in the past two years. No one in this supposedly free America should be gunned down. Or arrested for unclear reasons. Guns and violence (on TV, movies and video games) seem to be a symbol of America. An obsession really. Why? Why is this such a big part of our culture?

Let us all question our values and history. I know we live in a relatively safe community here in Goldendale. Still, our local police officers risk their lives many days. Kudos to them. Kudos to all the honest, kind, good policemen and policewomen doing the best they can. And kudos to all the law-abiding minority people in this country who live in fear that one of their children will be gunned down.

Last point: while gun rights are unlimited, our Republicans cut, block and give less to mental health services in this county. Counselors, programs, and beds for ill people are cut all the time. What a struggle for all the great people who work in this field, trying to help mentally ill people.

So think of your neighbors who may need help and learn about these issues coming to a head in America. They are complex but any compassion we can all feel and express—why, it’s all good!


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