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By Mildred Lykens
Lyle News 

HPCC to propose Fire house Sale profits use


Our High Prairie Community Council neighbors want to share with everyone a good time on Thursday, Sept. 22, at 7 p.m. A representative from the Klickitat American Red Cross will be there to present information about disaster preparedness and the support they provide. A short meeting will provide information about what the HPCC Board is proposing to do with the Firehouse Sale profits and help put the seal of approval on the HPCC’s gift to their Fire District. There will be a little talk about the kitchen, and a little about making the acoustics better, and maybe a few smaller things, then it’s time for ice cream! They will offer several kinds of ice cream, whipped-cream topping in two flavors, chopped nuts and a chance to gab with your friends while you scarf it down.

The evening went well with a packed house and the organizers scrambling for chairs to seat everyone at the KLASAC Countywide Prevention Leadership meeting last Friday at the Lyle Activity Center. The meeting held representatives from all twelve of the communities they wanted to reach; from law enforcement to pastor, local youth and parents, to substance abuse organizations and healthcare, to state, local and tribal governments and more. The attendees were there to find a solution of the growing problem we face today with drugs and our children. A decision was made to merge representatives from each of these groups to form an overall committee and report the discussions of their respective group; initially to find a solution to purge the onslaught of drugs in our area which is stealing the health and minds of our youth. The old saying, “The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow,” puts to mind that we all should consider what kind of leadership we want in the future. If you are so inclined as to join this very valuable group, call: (360) 952-3569.

Those who haven’t awarded yourselves the gift of visiting the Twin Bridges Museum will shortly be out of time. The museum will be open one last Saturday, the 24th, from noon to 5 p.m., and then it’s closed until next summer. Don’t miss out on all the changes from the building’s refurbishing to new displays that are there for your enjoyment. Being as the admission is by donation only, what’s stopping you?


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