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By Peter Leon

Anybody-but votes default to the worst



To the Editor:

If you vote for anybody but Trump, you are voting to put a democrat in the White House and throw out the Constitution.

Sad but true: statistically, there is no possibility of a third party candidate to make it to the White House by this year’s election. Neither third party candidate has the resources nor the voter base to take enough electoral votes to be elected president.

That leaves us two choices. It is every U.S. citizens’ duty to vote for the person who can get elected, who they believe will be the best person for the office.

We are finishing up in our eighth year of failed Democrat policies. Our national debt has become a disgrace. The Democratic nominee, in any society that has equal justice for all, should be serving felony time for mishandling classified information, lying to Congress and the world, malfeasance and misfeasance while in office, and selling access to self-serving thugs, the rich, and country leaders with the worst human rights records in recent times. Her foundation is the biggest scam in political history.

That said, if you want to be a single-issue voter, think this: if a Democrat is elected president, our Constitution as we know it will be a thing of the past. Under a Democrat president, four to five Supreme Court Justices will be appointed who will deny us our rights to free speech, religion, and bear arms. Wow, what news. That is worse than reelecting an incompetent Washington State governor, who will ensure we Washingtonians get a state income tax.

Remember, you own the election results, regardless how you vote for. Don’t complain about the results if you throw away that vote.


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