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By Tom Svendsen
Retired KPUD GM 

We need experience


To the Editor:

We appreciate the newspaper’s publishing our local candidate’s positions, qualifications, and ideas for our local offices. Last week was for the open District 2 PUD commission position that we will be voting on Nov. 8.

As I have some familiarity with both the position and the candidates, I felt last week’s articles made this a good time to speak out. One thing I wanted to address was a misquote in the Miller story. Doug was not the Auditor when he first started at the PUD. There was an internal auditor position, and I believe Doug was advocating for this position to be added back.

I would respectfully have to disagree. The PUD is audited by the State each year and brings in outside auditors to accomplish what Doug is advocating for. Auditing is not a full-time position; the auditor has additional financial duties and ends up auditing their own work. Not a good idea.

Doug has an intimate knowledge of both water and sewer operations, and while this is important, Ray Mosbrucker brings 12 years’ experience in all aspects of managing our PUD. Klickitat County’s livelihood is intertwined with KPUD and its ability to provide our energy and utility services. We need people like Ray who think of not just what we have and how to cut costs (that’s easy, just don’t do anything). We want someone who works to make things better. New opportunities, like when we teamed up with the county and found a way to have wind power on our side of the river too. Or when we came up with a plan to fund grant matches for new water and sewer systems like the one in Bickleton.

We need level-headed decision makers as our commissioners. Join me in voting for Ray Mosbrucker for PUD Commissioner District 2.


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