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Lion's First Saturday breakfast good start to month


Yet another month has slipped by, and here we soon face October. Autumn is my favorite season, with all the leaves changing into the vibrant colors and the contrast of the greens mixed with yellows and reds…what an awesome God we have that paints us new living pictures each day to enjoy. And you guessed it. It’s time for the Lion’s First Saturday Breakfast on the very first day of the month. After that great meal, it would be a good day to take the family on a ride in the country to enjoy the sights free to those who appreciate the panoramas.

I was glad to see that our High Prairie neighbors now have a column of their own in the paper. They have a thriving group of dedicated residents who know how to rally and get things done in their community. Good going, guys.

As I was reading through the an article on emergency preparedness, I wondered, “What would happen if The Dalles Dam gave way? What would that do to Lyle proper? How high would the water rise and to what extent would be the devastation?” Hopefully these questions could be answered at the meeting to be held at the Pioneer Center in White Salmon when they cover Safety and Prevention of catastrophic events in the Gorge. That meeting will be held on Saturday, Oct. 15 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. This could not only be interesting but could also save lives. And best of all, it’s free.

Thought some of the artists in our area might find this helpful; although it is a long website address it might just be worth your while to check out. It appears there is information to individual artists for personal grants out there. Go to or call Kerry Cobb at (541) 387-8877.

A group of “Strong Women” gather for sessions at the Lyle Activity Center on Monday and Thursday mornings from 8 to 9:15 a.m. It is sponsored by Oregon State University Extension Service to encourage participants to work at their own level and to increase weight intensity over time to build strength, muscle and bone density as well as improve balance. If this is something that peaks your interest, feel free to join them or call: Debbie McDonald (509) 365-6813.

From our Lyle Fire Chief, Dave McCune: “New Lower WSRB Fire Rating for Lyle. This last year Lyle Fire Department underwent an evaluation by Washington Surveying and Rating Bureau (WSRB). As a result of this evaluation Lyle Fire District has improved its Protection Class (PC) rating from PC 8 to PC 7, effective Sept 1, 2016....Most insurance companies include the Protection Class in determining homeowner’s insurance rates, so this new PC rating could translate to lower homeowner insurance costs for many. Protection Class ratings are available free of charge by calling WSRB Customer service at (206) 217-0101 or emailing customerservice@ WSRB recommends residents of Lyle contact their insurance agents to determine the relative effect this new Protection Classification on their insurance premiums.”


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