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By Brittany Allen

4-H program quilts to raise funds



BEFORE AND AFTER: A quilt in the making at the 2015 Simcoe Quilt Retreat.

The weekend of October 7-9, the Klickitat County 4-H Leaders' Council is encouraging quilters from near and afar to bring their sewing machines and imagination to share in crafts and community at their 2nd Annual Simcoe Quilting Retreat.

The event is to take place at the Goldendale Grange Hall and the deadline to register and pay the $100 fee is Friday, September 30. Included in the $100 admission is an agenda packed with creative opportunities to both work on and share current projects with fellow quilters and a tour of Nettie Browning's shop, and also covers the cost of the meals to be provided throughout the weekend. All money collected will go towards funding still-life camps and activities for those involved in the 4-H program.

According to Lisa Harness, 4-H program manager, the event originated around the idea of involving "a different side of the community in learning more a little bit about 4-H and also just the opportunity to come together and get some quilting done."

"It also gives me--working with the 4-H program here for the county--an opportunity to tell people a little more about what 4-H is about," Harness said. "That it's more than just learning about how to do something, it's helping young people develop life skills."

Harness also made sure to include that the event is not exclusively open to quilters; all adults--4-H members or not--can sign up and bring a project to work on in fellowship with the other participants.

Since its inception last year, this weekend retreat has already begun appealing to further and further audiences and the council hopes this will mean growth for the event and for funds raised for the still-life program.

"We hope to continue the growth, because it is just a lot of fun," Harness said. "We'd love to see it grow where there's more people that are interested and come to see our beautiful town. [...] My personal experience was really enjoying connecting with the other people that did attend. We bounced ideas; we had a lot of fun, and it was interesting to see other techniques and learn new ways to do a particular thing."

For more information about the program or how to register, call Lisa Harness at (509) 773-5817 ext. 7.


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