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By Brittany Allen

Goldendale's 'best kept secret' is cutting edge


Brittany Allen

A CARE AFFAIR: Client, Stephanie (in chair), has used Aveda products since back when Horst Rechelbacher was doing her hair himself. Now she turns to the mother-daughter team at J'Adore to keep her hair healthy and hair care holistic.

Located on W. Allyn Street in Goldendale, between The Townhouse Café and Klickitat Valley Realty, is J'Adore Spa, Beauty & Personal Care. It is a little-known slice of calm nestled next to the bustling busyness of the courthouse. Quaint and quiet, J'Adore may seem small, but they offer a large variety of services and the personality housed there certainly fills the space.

The afternoon of Thursday, September 15, one woman sits with her hair all trussed up in foil and face in a magazine as another comes in for her hair appointment with Bianca. Stephanie, is a receiver of a kidney transplant, and, interestingly enough, used to have her hair done by Horst Rechelbacher, the founder of the cosmetics line Aveda, the same line of products Diana and Bianca Adams, owners of J'Adore use and swear by.  

According to Diana, Rechelbacher created Aveda back in the late 1970s, with the primary mission of taking the "killicides" out of the products we use on our hair and skin; a minimum of 80 percent of all ingredients used in Aveda products are all-natural. For Diana, this was appealing because her father had passed away of liver failure not soon before she opened J'Adore, and the line was also very appealing for those who either want or need products with a smaller chemical component.

Diana, has always been interested in careers oriented towards helping people; before J'Adore opened its doors back in 2013, Diana was working in strategic intervention, a type of life coaching which focuses on changing physiology as well as mental and emotional habits. Therefore, it makes sense that her daughter-even after she went away to school in Portland-would feel such a pull to give back to the clientele she had accumulated in Goldendale.

According to Diana, Bianca was booking out Diana's house every week when she would make a trip up to her hometown to cut and color local residents' hair. This demand is what really pushed them to find a space to dedicate to servicing the more holistic cosmetic needs of the area.

"When you come in here, it's all about wellness, trying to get you to realize and be aware of what you're putting in and on your body," Diana said. "We are beauty salon, full service, but we're actually trying to help you as a person regenerate yourself...that's really our focus."

Besides the range of spa and beauty amenities they offer, J'Adore also hosts an Aveda apprenticeship program and, in the Aveda tradition, donates a large amount of product throughout the year (over $7,000 worth).

According to Diana, the name--as well as their practices--also serves to best describe her own personality. In French, "J'Adore" means "I adore you," and J'Adore takes pride in helping people feel well cared for and encouraging self-care.

To find out for yourself how the business fits the name, call (509) 250-1162 or stop by the shop to book an appointment.


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